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Drilling Optimization

KPI Monitoring and Reporting


Monitoring Data Quality

Maintain Database of Lessons Learned and Best Practices




Mastering Real-Time Data Quality Control - How to Measure and Manage the Quality of (Rig) Sensor Data

We pull data for analysis from your current WITSML vendor/provider and use your existing user interface for visualization/display.  If you don't have a user interface for display then we will use our standard inhouse softwares provided by our partners.  Our engineers are trained specifically for our inhouse softwares, although our team of professionals are adaptive to the common monitoring platforms widely used in the industry,

For realtime visualization we are using wellAhead, an interactive software combining data and information gathered from various drilling modules.

For automated NPT monitoring we integrate DRILLYTICS into wellAhead.  This automates sending relevant advice and best practices directly to the driller; realtime symptomatic drilling algorithms reduce alarms and alerts.

Technical Training on Basic/Advanced Mudlogging, Well Operations, Data Engineering & Interpretation using intelligent softwares